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Hello, welcome to my virtual kitchen. 

My name is Ololade, and this is my kitchen, where I share my amazing, and easy to make recipes!

I love cooking and I enjoy making meals from scratch and using the most authentic recipes as it gives it a more refreshing taste that is hard to forget. On My blog you would find lots of recipes for all kinds of occasion. The recipe spans out from Nigerian, Asian, some European and even West Indies, the list is not exhaustive.

A little bit more about me

My passion for cooking started at a very early age, I started cooking at the early age 9 or so. Oh yes I started early. I remember my first attempt, it was to cook a big pot of stew. I told my mum to let me help out. Well, lets just say, the end result was pepper, oil and beef all floating at various angles. I would never forget the look on my mum’s face. 🙂 hehehe.

But from that moment on I made up my mind to rectify that error, I took my time to learn, I watched my mum, and I also remember watching various cook shows on TV, and I must say it’s been an amazing journey.

I’m also a self-taught baker, I baked my mum a cake for her birthday at the age of 11. Yes, I still remember, the look of joy on her face and even the guests that came. Now I can proudly say cooking and baking is a very easy feat for me. it’s almost second nature.

How do I cook and use ingredients?

I mainly cook from scratch using fresh and minimally processed produce and cost-effective ingredients that are readily available in your household store/pantry or can easily be sourced in your local grocery/shop. I make cooking easy and also provide a detailed step by step guide.

I hope I would be able to inspire you,encourage you to cook and wow your family and guest as you try out various recipes from my blog and also please do not forget to leave your comments.

P.S: If you would like to have your recipe featured on the blog, simply submit your recipe via email and I will contact you.

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I do hope you enjoy your stay here. xoxo


Duchess O

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