Food presentation

Lets talk about food presentation.

Food is nourishment for the body. It is an essential part of our daily living. We can’t really do without food, We need it. That is why I am very particular about my food. If it doesn’t look great to the eye, I am not eating it.

Presentation matters a lot. It says a lot about how much effort has been put into it. Especially after slaving on a hot stove (literal term) for hours, then you present it by just slabbing on the plate, no one is going to eat it, no matter how great it smells.

I am not saying it has to be state of the art, picture perfect presentation, but it has to be pleasing to the eye.

For instance you have just finished preparing your favourite meal, all just want to do is eat and relax, no problem. But then suddenly your friends announce they are coming over. They are all hungry and just want to eat. Panic mode! you are thinking, your meal may not be their cup of tea? No it doesn’t have to be so.

As for you it’s ok to just dish it and eat, since its only you right? No.. That shouldn’t be so. Even you deserve to have your meal dished out as if you are royalty.

Dish it and make it pleasing to your eye. You have earned it after a long hard day.

Once you get into the habit, it becomes second nature. So when you have unexpected guests, you don’t have to start cooking afresh. Dish your food from the cooker and serve it in an appealing manner and your guest will not care if its a traditional or english meal. presentation matters. You don’t always have to cook rice, lobster, or steak for every guest. 🙂 They will remember the look and think differently about it and appreciate the meal a lot more.

Remember the key words are garnish and creativity. An example if you are about to serve chicken and chips, serve it with a bit of fresh salad on the side. Do not drizzle mayonnaise on it. That’s a no no. Also do not put ketchup by the side either,?it just makes all the hard work look messy. Invest in small ramekins, put your sauces in the, and watch your dish transform from voom to va va voom!

Another suggestion is to get moulders. They are quite good, try to invest in one. They come in various sizes and materials, like plastic, wooden and even ceramic. But however if you don’t have a moulder at home, you can make do with small bowls that have covers and let it guide you.

That’s it from me. I’d love to hear from you.

Lots of Love

Picture credit: Hageen daaz

Duchess O



1 thought on “Food presentation”

  1. Glad someone’s speaking my language!

    If you won’t accept it in a restaurant, why accept it at home?

    I don’t have a molder though, should look to get one….it might help me to eat!

    Oh and cake stands! They make cake presentations look so lovely…those cup cakes…hmm

    You can tell I’m a foodie right?

    Nice one, keep ’em coming!


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