Bridal shower Menu and Ideas

Hello everyone. So excited to bring this week’s blog to you. Bridal showers are,very very important to that special friend of ours and in order to make it special, keep it simple and classy. I always worry for Maid of honour(s) who have to go to extreme lengths to ensure everything is fine. From food to décor, to give away packs. The lists is endless.

The edition of the this week’s blog will be on house based shower(s). The number one rule is know your figures. ( Figures dont lie) How many guest are you catering for? Once that figure is confirmed. Then you are good to go. 😊

Planning the menu should be fairly easy, remember its only a gathering for a couple of hours, so no need to start catering as if it is the wedding that is taking place. It will only lead to unnecessary cost. It’s best to avoid friction hazards.

Keep it simple. Keep it less complicated. After the whole planning the last thing you want to do is spend hours and hours clearing up. It can be tiring.

Here are some ideas on what to serve

Sandwiches: ensure that they cater for all dietary requirements. Know your guests
Cupcakes ( find out who can bake)
Spring rolls ( various grocery stores have this and it comes in various range)
Chicken wings
Beef skewers
Chocolate truffles
Candy ( various online stores sell various packages at affordable price (s)

Homemade cocktails (see next week’s post)

It may look like its to much, but it isn’t and it is cost efficient. Get your bridal party to look into what they can bring or make from home. Itemise it and let everyone deliberate. I find it really easy in helping to manage funds and people.

Watch out for next week’s blog on Shower with a difference!


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