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Ayamase (Designer Stew)

This stew has the ability to make the cold go away! No jokes. I feel this sense of joy when I know there is Ayamase at a party… Provided it is done right. Lol.

It s fairly easy to make and also very easy to get wrong. The trick is in the bleaching of the palm oil. If it is bleached right, you will get the desired taste, if not all you’ll be left with is green pepper and raw palm oil. 😞😕

Cooking time: 1:45 minutes
Preparation time: 15 minutes

Ok here we go


4 Large green pepper
6 Green rodo ( scotch bonnet)
1 large Onions
1-2 measuring cup of Palm oil
Knorr cube
Cow hide
Locust beans
Salt to taste

Chopping board
Wooden spoon

Lets begin, shall we


Put a big pot on fire, add the beef, shaki, Pomo and fuku. Season with salt and knorr. Also add sliced onions. Pour water and cover to cook for about 55minutes or preferably until the beef is soft enough to chew.




Pour palm oil into another pot, add the onions, do not cut the onions, add it in whole, and bleach. For 25 minutes to 30minutes. Like I mentioned earlier, this will determine if you get that unique taste or not.

While the beef is cooking, cut the pepper and rodo into small pieces and put into the blender. Cut onions into chunks add, and blend. Blend roughly. That is beauty of the stew. 

Once the beef is cooked, sieve the stock and add it to the pepper and cook. 

(This will ensure when to are about to fry the pepper there is no water and oil separation. It’s will make it take longer to fry and incorporate all the ingredients)

Pour the blended pepper into pot, and cook until the water has been reduced from the pepper. Once reduced, sieve the last but of water out. Set aside

Once cooked together, add the pepper to the palm oil and the locust beans and fry for 15 minutes, after 15 minutes add the beef and cook for another 15minutes until you can see the oil floating and the beef well incorporated with the stew.
turn off the heat and set aside.
Serve with hot rice and plantain and watch your mouth work! Enjoy with ice cold water 😉


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