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Hi guys. How are you all doing? I’m back again with another homemade recipe for you all.

Each week I will try to prepare new meals, but you can also send me an email to let me know if you want me to prepare a dish that you like and I will try my best to cook it 🙂

Todays meal is an old-time favourite. And I know some of you all can identify with it. 🙂

Here we go


2 cups of Beans
1 large Onions
Palm oil
7 Scotch bonnet pepper
Salt to taste.

Let’s get started.

It is better to have your beans picked (pick out the dirt and also pre soaked. 5 hours before cooking)

This process will eliminate gas. Trust me. When soaking it, you will notice the bubbles floating at the top. The bubbles are responsible for the gas or bloated feeling.

Once its been more than 5 Hours. Rinse it until the water is clean. Put the washed beans in the pot, add hot water and boil. (I said hot water, as it will help the beans cook faster) Slice onions and add to the beans.

In the mean time, roughly blend the Scotch bonnet peppers. Set that aside. Heat up the palm oil, and let it bleach. But make sure it’s not too bleached. once bleached add the chopped onions and fry until its very dark colour in brown. Now add the pepper and fry.

Keep frying until the colour of the pepper changes. Add seasoning and stir. Once properly fried. Set that aside.

Check on the beans. Test it to see if its soft enough. (Do this by mashing a few grains between your fingers) If it isn’t. Add more boiled water and keep cooking. Please ensure the beans is cooked. Once its properly cooked. Turn of the heat and set aside.

Let it cool down for a while. Once cooled, plate it up and add the tasty stew in top of it. Yes. You are done!

Serve with a warm slice of bread or better still, if you are staying off carbohydrates, eat it just like that. It’s still yummy and satisfying. 🙂

That’s it from me.

Pictures below

Love, Duchess O



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