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Efo riro! Efo elemi mewa :)

Hi guys. How are you all doing? Really excited to bring you today’s recipe. Its a dish that never gets old.

I mean, what’s a party without efo? What’s Amala without efo, what’s Eba without efo. As in Efo just makes a difference. Even after a long day efo makes it right 😉

I have eaten various types of recipes of efo. Some prefer to cook the spinach until the colour changes to a very dark green colour. I prefer mune to still be green and crunchy. Full of vitamins and goodness without compromising on the taste!

Enough talk let’s get down to business shall we 🙂

A large bunch of Spinach
1/2 a cup of palm oil
Dried catfish
Dried hake fish (Panla)
Tripe (shaki)
Cow hide (pomo)
Cow foot
4 Habenero peppers
1 can of plum tomatoes or 5 large fresh tomatoes
3 large Onions

1 Large pot
Wooden spoon

Prep time : 20 minutes
Cooking time : 2 hours: 25 minutes
Total time : 2 hours:45 minutes

Method :

Firstly, Put the dried fish(es) into a bowl, pour hot water and add salt. (This is to soften the fish and allow for better cooking and taste) omly for 5 minutes please.

After 5 minutes, drain the water and shred the fish into bite sizes.

Next, Wash the different parts of meat thoroughly and remove any excess fat and skin.

Next in a large pot, add all the meat, season with knorr cube, a little bit of salt and add sliced onions. Add water to cover the meat and boil until well cooked. (Because of the cow foot it make take over an hour so you need to be patient)

While the beef is cooking, blend the peppers and tomatoes, add some onions and blend roughly. (Not too smooth not too rough)

Next boil the pepper until the water dries up and the hash taste of pepper is gone (25 minutes on low heat. So that it doesn’t evaporate)

While the pepper is cooking, heat up the palm oil, once it starts to smoke, add the remaining sliced onions and fry until the aroma fills the room. Add knorr cube to give it a lovely smell.

Next add the dried hake (panla) and stock fish and fry on lowest heat for 20 minutes. (The helps the fish taye better trust me)

Next add the prawns, fry for 5 minutes.

By now your pepper should have been cooked.

Add the boiled pepper, (by now your pot should be jumping for joy 😉 just kidding)

Reduce the heat and fry for 15 minutes. Once all combined. Set aside and keep warm.

Next remove the spinach from the stalk. Once removed, chop it into semi medium size and wash thoroughly. (Some people also chop the stalk, but that’s optional)

Wash and sieve to eliminate sand and dirt. Please be patient at this stage. You dibt want sand in your efo. It won’t go down well. (Preferably use a sieve with meduim holes. Its easier to get rid of the sand that way.

When sieving, keep a separate bowl at the bottom of the sieve. This will let you know once all the sand has gone. Keep washing until the water changes colour and the leaves are clean.

Check on your beef, its been (40 minutes now) if you use a pressure cooker all you need is about 1 hour : 10 minutes) if it’s an ordinary pot, keep checking until the meat is soft enough to chew. (It took me 1 hour : 45 minutes to cook mine, but I didn’t really worry as the stew part was already cooked)

Once the beef is cooked. Strain the stock. Now put your pepper mixture back on the burner and add half of the stock to it. Let it simmer for 10 minutes (dont worry your fish scatter remember its been dried)

Now add the beef parts. Stir and let it combine well with the stew for 15 minutes.

Finally add the spinach. And steam for 5 minutes on low heat. (You can do more than five minutes if you like your efo darker)

That’s it, you are done

A very big well done👏👏👏

Now enjoy toir efo elemi mewa with any solie of your choice.

That’s it from Me

Pictures below

Love Duchess O











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