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Homemade Butter

Hi guys. How are you all doing today? Todays recipe was one I happen to stumble upon.

A while ago I was making a dessert that required whipped cream. 

The chef (James Martin) mentioned that it had to be whipped for a certain amount of time or else, you will make butter. 😳😳😳

I was like oh really thats great. 😮Fast forward a couole of weeks, I saw a post on homemade butter and I noticed the gentleman used whipped cream and even showed the process. 

 So I went back to the chefs page and he also mentioned the same process. I was sooo excited I couldn’t wait to try it.

So here’s hoping I have got you excited enough.

Lets get started shall we 🙂



  • Whipped cream 


  • Mixing Bowl
    Hand or stand mixer 
  • Small bowl 

Prep time : 10 minutes 

Method :
Pour the whipped cream into the mixing bowl. Attach the whipping mixer to the mixer, set it to “medium – high speed and mix for 10 minutes. 

Whilst the cream is mixing it has several stages. 

 Stage 1:
Whipping stage. After about 4 minutes, you will notice that it has started forming stiff peaks. This stage is very useful if you want to make whipped cream frosting for cakes or fruits

Stage 2
Separation stage: after about 8 minutes, you will notice that its starting to form clumps, dont worry, this is the separation stage of butter and buttermilk. So take note. 😃



Stage 3.
Butter. Once its 10 minutes, the butter will be visible and the butter milk will be visible as well.


Switch off the mixer. Scrape off any butter solids from the mixer. 

Drain the buttermilk and set aside (will be very useful for a recipe that requires buttermilk like red velvet cake, or any cake that calls for buttermilk. 

Remove the butter from the mixing bowl, and wash it under COLD tap water. Yes I said wash, in order to get rid of residue that makes butter go off. 

Wash until the water is clear.

For me I decided to leave it at room temperature to allow for easy spread. 

 Woohoo. Well done 🙂 

Thats it from me today. 

Pictures below 

Love Duchess O



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