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Blender peeled beans

Hello everyone. How are you all doing today?  Easter is around the corner bandni am sure alot of you will probably be entertaining guests.

I know what it’s like to entertain guest, because alot of work has to go into food preps and all of that. But not to worry, on my blog there are various categories that you can find useful tips that will help you save time and also help with your meal preparation.

Today’s tip was one I stumbled upon. A friend of mine shared a status update from one of my old school colleagues about peeling beans in the blender. I was like no way. I mean the beans will be pealed with the skin at that wouldn’t look right. 😦

So I investigated, by asking people who confirmed it and what I found made my heart glad. Ok ok. Let me shut up and just share this wonderful experience with you all 😉

Prep time : 4 minutes
Peeling time : 1 minute or more ( depending on the amount of beans you have as the peeling is done half a cup each time)

Method :

Pick the beans and ensure all dirts and shafts are removed.

Wash the beans( swishing) to remove any dirt kn the skin. ( 3 times until the water is clear. This takes about a minute)


Next soak the beans for 3 minutes.  (Please do not soak for more than 3 minutes)


Next put the bean in the blender and pour fresh water on it (see picture)


Close the lid and then press the pulse button for 10 seconds.


Do this repeatedly until the skin has come off the beans (see picture)

Stage 2


Stage 3


Once done. Empty the contents of the blender into a seive to remove the skin.


After the pouring the water away and rinsing with the blender


Then pour the pealed beans into a bowl. Rinse until all the skin particles has been removed.


There you have it. Easy peasy right. Trust me my mouth was wide open the whole time as this amazing experience was happening right before my eyes.


Ok, do not keep this knowledge to your self, share it with others so that we can make the world a better place 😀 😉

That’s it from me… I’ll see you in the next post.

Love Duchess O

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