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Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing good? Today’s recipe is similar to something I have made before. I made chicken wraps using the most distinctive flavours of heat, smokey and spicy yet with a cool sauce to mellow it down.

I have had people talk about it and I thought I’d expand on it more. Shawarma is not new to me. My first experience with shawarma was with my Aunt Laide. She decided to take me out for a treat. I was excited because I know she was gonna get me something good.

After we bought the shawarma….. it was now time to dig in. The ara oko in me rejected the cabbage and slaw mixture. But the sauce was oh so amazing. At home mum always made me eat vegetables, but I never liked them. So it was sheer torture to discover this alien inside my shawarma. My only consolation was the sauce and frankfurters.

Lool. I just took out the frankfurters, ate a bit of the wrap and chuck the rest in the bin. I never told her the true story of the fate of that shawarma….Well today she is gonna find out.

I am making this shawarma from memory of my first taste. Apart from the fact that I didnt eat the vegetables, it was absolutely delicious. And now u can proudly say I love vegetables πŸ™‚ (yay me) hehehehe

Lol. Enough of my stories, lets get started shall we πŸ™‚

Plain wraps
Yellow pepper (optional)
Salad cream
Honey (optional )

Sandwich toaster or grilling pan
Chopping board
Julienne peeler (see picture below )

Prep time : 15 minutes
Cooking time : 5 minutes on each side
Total time : 30 minutes

Method :
Wash all the vegetables and peppers thoroughly.


Next deseed and slice the pepper thinly. Large chunks will interfere with the wrapping and sealing.

Next peel the carrots. You can use a peeler or knife. (To get rid of the outer skin) then use a julienne peeler to get the thin strips that is needed. Then once done set it aside.


Unto the cabbage. Cut the cabbage into half, and then shred with a knife. Shred ot thinly and not too thick. So this until its all done.


Next for the lettuce, shred it thinly with a knife as well. (See picture) it is important that it is thinly shredded.


Now that all the vegetables are all done. Place it in the fridge.

For the sauce:
I was going by memory taste and texture.

Salad cream
Low fat mayonnaise
4 tablespoons of water
A pinch of raw sugar

Mix all sauce together. Mix with a whisk so that everything is well incorporated.



Divide the sauce in half. Place the other half in the fridge.

Next place the flat bread on a chopping board.


Spread some of the sauce at the bottom first


Next place the frankfurters on top of


Next Layer it first with the cabbage

Next with the lettuce

Followed by the carrots

Next the peppers


Then finish it up with another portion of frankfurters


Drizzle the sauce generously on the fillings


Wrap it up. Start from the end unto the middle and final seal it at the end.

Once sealed place it on the grilling pan and grill. For me I allowed it to get a little dark, but you can leave yours less dark. It will still taste the same.


There you go… My Aunty Laide’s shawarma πŸ™‚ Yayyyyyy.

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Enjoy πŸ™‚





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