Ijebu, Nigerian

Mama Adeola’s Ijebu Stew

Hi guys, how are you all doing? I wasnt planning of this recipe at all, it was something else about my grandma stwe I wanted to blog about. Not to worry, that will be in my next post.

So this stew, I read all about the rave on a group I follow on Facebook. The Gentleman, yes I said gentleman 🙂 that first cooked it, his name is Olusola Sanni. For him she just wanted to show that he made a nice pot of delicious stew. I dont think he knew how viral it will go. As for me I am grateful to him So Olusola Sanni this post is dedicated to you. Thank you once again!!!!

So here is my own version. I hope you all enjoy it

Ok lets begin shall we 🙂

Goat meat
Eja sawa
Panla (stock fish)
Ground crayfish
1/4 cup of Palm oil
Habenero pepper
Tatashe (capesium)
long pepper (tatashe)
Knorr cube
Salt to taste

2 medium sized pot
Grilling pan

Prep time : 1 day and 15 minutes
Cooking time: 2 hours
Total time : 1 day, 2 hours:15 minutes

Method :
Remember I said Prep time is 1 day and and the 15 minutes. This is why. The meat needs to be cooked a day prior to cooking the stew.

The beefs need to be fully absorbed by the stock. (The stock will be solidified) for this process to work.


To work simultaneously, remove the beef from the solidified stock, place it on the grilling pan and then grill for 40 minutes on 200 degrees.

(The original method is to fry the beef, but I wanted a healthier option)

Next blend the peppers, tomatoes, onions and iru (locust beans). Blend for 12 seconds.




Next Fry the palm oil, it just neds to be hot with a little smoke, but not bleached. (See picture )


Once hot, add the crayfish and stock fish powder (see my stockfish powder)
You can ask at your local store or if not follow my process below



Fry for about 2 minutes.



Next add the pepper, stir and reduce the heat to the lowest gas mark. (This stew need to be well incorporated with the ingredients) cook for 40 minutes uninterrupted.


After 40 minutes check on the goat meat. (For me I allowed it to get really dry as I wanted to incorporate the old way of drying meat in the sun)
*see picture*


After 40 minutes, check on the pepper, it should be coming up nicely. Stir it once again. *don’t be alarmed if you cant see the palm oil yet. There are different stages it needs to go through*

Cook it for another 20 minutes.
By now the palm oil will slowly start rising up as it gradually gets cooked. (So you see you don’t necessarily need a lot of oil. A little oil still goes a long way)


After 20 minutes, add the stock. (ideally you shouldn’t have a lot of stock as you don’t want to over dilute the taste)

Cook for 20 minutes. Check for salt. After 20 minutes, add the grilled meat and cook again for the last 40minutes still on low heat.


Ideally for me I love the idea of slow cooking. It allows the flavours to be relased gently and it makes the tatse last till the last spoonful. However if you are pressed for time you can use medium heat. (But I would say please dont, every moment spent cooking it is worth it.)

After 40 minutes, turn off the heat. Your Mama Adeola’s Stew is done. I tell you I had to stop myself from biting my tongue. It was tooo delicious. The locust beans, crayfish et al was really evident in the stew. It is worth a try.



Try this with a nice bowl of hot rice. Ohhhhhh the tatse is out of this world!

Thank you once again Olusola Sanni for sharing your Mama Ijebu’s stew. My household enjoyed it.

Pictures below. Oh my see the goat meat well balanced in the stew. 😍👌




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That’s it from me today. I will see you all in my next post.

Love Duchess O

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