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Egusi Gbure

Hello everyone. How are you all doing? Today’s recipe has been ispired by my late grandma.Back in the days we would all travel with grandma to our home town for holidays.

It was so much fun because it felt like a road trip where we would buy loads of goodies like bread, (if you are nigerian you would know what I am talking about) dodo ikire, igbekere, etc. Oh by the way watch out for those mentioned above. I will be uploading the recipes sooooooooon 🙂

Grandma would always cook this egusi soup that tasted amazing. It taste really good because it had non of those additives we put in our meals today. It was pure class. Original and authentic. 

I remember when I first heard the word gbure. I was like ehn.., what’s that. We have a like a veggie farm at the back of the house, so she would go and get them fresh. Like I said it’s always authentic. And the vegetables were always green and full.

Been making egusi for so long, but then I remembered her style and I decided to reminisce about those days. So I thought I’d share it with you all. Its very straightforward and I promise as usual to give a step by step guide

Ok, lets get started shall we 🙂

1/2 a cup of Palmoil
Assorted meat
Habenero pepper
Iru (locust beans )
Eja sawa
Eja gbigbe
Water leaves (if you don’t have this substitute it with spinach it also draws out water.

Cooking spoon
2 medium sized pot

Prep time : 15 minutes
Cooking time : 1 hour : 30 minutes
Total time : 1 hour : 45 minutes

Prior to cooking this is your beef should have been boiled with the dry fish. This enhances the flavour of the stock and the soup.


Tip: Toast the melon seeds in a frying pan for 5 minutes. Keep stirring to stop it from burning.

Or if you already have the dried milled egusi. Thats still ok. I had the already milled Egusi at home.


Next blend the onions until smooth.


Add it to the egusi to form a paste. Refrigerate until it is ready to be used.


Next blend the peppers and the remaining onions. Blend until almost smooth.


Next heat up the palm oil (do not bleach it) just hot enough to sizzle the pepper. Once its hot, add the pepper and cook for 12 minutes. (Until it blends in with the palmoil)



Next add the egusi. Do not roll it into balls, just add it one spoon at a time (clump like) Once done, cook on low heat.



You will notice it becoming thick, that’s fine. Stir and make sure it doesn’t burn. I also wanted the egusi to be semi lumpy, so I kept the stirring to a minimal. (If you don’t want any lumps you have to keep stirring ever so often)


Next add the assorted beef and stock. minus the dry fish (at this point the fish would be soft from cook with the beef so in order not to let it disintegrate do not add it at this stage) cook on low heat for 12 minutes.


Once both are combined, then add the crayfish


then the spinach/water leaves. Reduce the heat to the lowest gas mark. ( Do not panic if you see water. This particular vegetables generally secret water, hence water leaves)


Steam cook for 8 minutes and then turn off the gas. It is ready. Note that I used half a cup of oil.


Do you see the reason why I said reduce the oil? Because of the water level of the stew has reason, the oil will tend to float. So please less is more and healthy too.


Check out this beaut. You should be proud of yourself at this stage. 😉

Now please serve and let your family enjoy your expertise in the kitchen.


Another view


More angles….




Serve with any swallow of your choice.
I served mine with eba scoops . I am sure you all will have notice I rarely serve my soups with swallow, that’s about to change (watch this space)
Go on give yourself a treat
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Love Duchess O
Ahhh…. So delicious

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