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Ewa Agoyin Stew (Updated recipe)

Hi guys. How are you all doing today? I have blogged about this stew twice already. Here they are Recipe 1 and Recipe 2

Ewa Agoyin is a meal I have always enjoyed. Every Saturday I would go gladly go out after my chores and buy it. For me it was considered a treat. Although my parents frowned at this. They always said there is nothing wrong with eating at home. I had to plead my case. Loool. As luck will have it, we had this cooks that we hire every time we had a party. (They are called olopos) they are from Benin and they also know how to prepare the stew.

So I pleaded my case again and said, since we eat these peoples well prepared meals for parties, why can’t we eat their local meals….. That’s all I said. Looool. And trust me they can cook. If you know what party jollof rice is, then you will get my drift. They know how to throw it down. 👍

Anyway that’s how I continued to eat the ewa Agoyin . Because I didn’t get the opportunity to eat it as before, I decided to make mine. I researched and searched for the perfect recipe. The first one I blogged about , was a hit, but it needed to get a particular pepper to nail it.

As luck will have it, I went to visit my friend Yewande, as we were chatting with her Mum In law, the subject of food came up. We talked about all types of food, sauces etc. then the subject ewa Agoyin came up. It was then she mentioned what pepper to use. You can imagine my excitement. I thought to myself , yes finally I can get it the way I want it. She mentioned that the pepper is the best way to get the authentic taste.

So my lovely readers, let me introduce you all to it. So let’s get started shall we 🙂

2 cups of birds eye chilli
1/2 a cup of chilli flakes (optional) I like it spicy 😉
2 Large onions
Palm oil

Medium sized pot
Wooden spoon

Prep time : 10 minutes
Cooking time : 2-3 hours on high/medium heat

Method :



Wash the chilli before blending. Yes wash it. As it may have bit of sand at the bottom.


Next slice the onions into halves.

Pour the washed pepper, chilli flakes and onions into the blender.


Blend until almost smooth or smooth (you will still get the same result 🙂


Next heat up the palm oil, once its hot add the sliced onions and fry



Fry until the onions becomes very brown, but not burnt. (Please be aware) see my picture.


Next add the blended pepper and stir. At first the pepper and oil will be at the same level. Thats fine. Whilst cooking it will eventually separate from the pepper.


Now this is where the hard work comes in. You will need to be very patient here. The stew doesn’t get done in just 10 minutes. Its takes time. And thats because the pepper has to go through various stages of cooking. At first it will be bitter, but then gradually changes to non bitter.

The first stage. It is cooking and frying at the same time. Stir in order not to let it burn amd also in order for the grains to be separated. (dont forget I used less oil to cook this) cook for 40 minutes on medium heat.


Second stage. The pepper starts to get darker. Like I said before you have to be patient with the stew. Stir again and this time ensure that its is being cooked on low heat. Cook for 50 minutes.


Third stage. And it keeps getting darker. By now I was getting really excited. The smell has also changed. I tasted it, and the bitterness has also reduced. If you use alot of oil, you may not need to worry about it being bitter at first) I also added salt at this stage. Stirred it continuesly and let it to continue cooking. Cook for another 50 minutes.



Fourth stage
It had gone almost dark at this stage. This is where the real taste of the ewa Agoyin coming into play. I tasted it and I was blown away. At this stage all the memories kept in floding back. I could almost imagine me dipping hot agege bread into the sauce with beans on top. Arghhh. (Loool it was a serious matter o)



I let it simmer for another 40 minutes to seal the taste completely.

Now switch off the heat. Trust me at this stage if your beans isn’t ready you wont be a happy bunny. Because the smell is bound to send your senses into over drive. 🙂

Let it settle for a while. To allow whats left of the oil to be separated from the stew.

Now serve.

See the way I served my ewa agoyin. I did the first one as a authentic way of serving the delicacy. …



2: Here is how to store it (in a jar)


Here is a posh way of serving, canapé style.





Now if they offer you, wont you be eager to eat the food? Hehehe.


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Thats it from me today.

I will see you all in my next post.

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