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Moin Moin Ologe

Hi guys, how are you all doing? This recipe has been done for quite a while, I just don’t know why I forgot to put it on the blog. :?🙈 so unlike me!

Lol.. So I have been craving Moin Moin for a while, but I didn’t have any bean flour at home and I didn’t want to go through that rigorous work of hand peeling the beans. Lol. Oh yes I used to be a victim of bean flour. Well not anymore, ever since I found a way to peel the beans in the blender here Blender peeled beans. So now no more excuses. Now I can make Moin Moin and Akara
Whenever I want and so can you.

So why Moin Moin Ologe. Moin moin has been called many names, elepo, ororo, Elemi meje etc. so I decided to come up with another name for this
Fantastic way of making Moin Moin. Trust me by the time you are done, you will understand why ☺️

Ok, let’s get started shall we 🙂

Olive oil or any oil of your choice
Mackerel (Titus fish) and Assorted meats (already precooked together)
Habenero pepper
Knorr cube

Banana leaves
Large pot
Mixing bowl

Prep time: tbc
Cooking time:55 minutes


Wash the banana leaves in warm soapy water. Wash well to get rid of any dirt.

Boil the cooked assorted beef with the Titus fish. (This is the flavour enhancer)




Peel the beans and blend as advised above.

Blend it with the peppers and onions.



Pour the first blend into a bowl


Next pour some it back into the blender and then proceed to blend until smooth. Do this repeatedly until all of the beans has been blended.


See the smoothness of the blended beans.




Next heat up the palm oil, olive oil. Once its hot add the onions.


Do not bleach the oil, however let the onions flavour the oil. Once done let it cool down a bit. ( Please do not add the oil straight away or else or will fry the beans)

After its cooled off, pour it into the blended beans and mix. (This will definitely enhance the moin moin raised to the power of two) hehehe


Next add the stock to the paste. Remember the beef has been stock has been favoured by the two mega components, so your stock is bound to shake things up a bit. Yup yup 🙂


Mix gently. Now be careful about over mixing. As if you are not careful it will make the beans taste sour 😦

Once its been well incorporated, add the chopped assorted meats. Do not add the fish at this stage or else it will disintegrate.


Taste for salt. You may not need to add salt as the stock is always rich enough so be careful or else you may end up with a pot of uneaten moin moin after all that hard work 😦

Next slice the eggs.

Now its time for moulding the leaves into a cone shape. Secure it at the bottom.

Finally now add the fish and stir in gently. Scoop a little the mixture into the leaves, add a slice of eggs and then top it with a little bit more of the mixture. Then finally finish it with another slice of egg.


Wrap it up and then place it in the pot. Do this repeatedly until you finish the who moin moin mixture. I would say start off with a few flakes of fish at the bottom, then add a little spoonful of the mixture, followed by few fish flakes sand then top it up with the egg. (Boom flavour in your mouth)


I also used an alternative method for steaming the beans. Especially for those that do not know how to wrap the Moin Moin leaves, but would still like to enjoy the flavour that comes from the leaves.

1: cut the leaves into small pieces, that can easily fit into the tin foil. Place the first layer at the bottom of the foil


2: pour the beans mixture and then cover with the final layer of the leaves before coving with the foil lid.


This will ensure you still get your flavours and not loose out😉

Place the wrapped moin moin on top of the oil containers. This will prevent water from going into the wrapped leaves especially if you are not used to cooking with the banana leaves

Layer the bottom of the pot with the remaning leaves (this will also enhance the flavour of the moinmoin in the pit. Thereby enveloping it in its unique flavour pre and post steaming)

Fill the pot with water and then cover with the last few leaves and then secure the pot with the lid.

Cook for 55 minutes. After that switch off the heat and let it cool sown slightly before trying to unwrap the moin moin or else it will me messy and you wont be happy with it.

There you go. Your cooled off moin moin Ologe.




Now doesn’t that deserve some cold garri with ice cubes. .. ahhhhh 🙂 let your imagination run wild.





Thats it from me today

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