Tips for a great tasting Nigerian Fried Rice

Hi guys. How are tou all doing. This isnt a yupical post. I decided to shate this few tips with you all. As most people know, Jollof rice seems to get all the love. But however I donot believe that fried rice should not be left out. 

Fried rice is delicious, filled with lots of goodies. How can you not even like it? 🙂

lol. I love it and I also want you all to benefit from this great tasting experience. 

Here are the tips.


  • Never perpoil your rice with water first. It doesnt allow the rice to absorb the stock very well. Always perboil with half stock and water. That way you start with flavour and taste from the begining 

  • After chopping all your veggies, freeze them. It give them an extra bite when its added to the rice and also retains all its nutrients and colour

  • Always flavour your oil with curry, thyme, white pepper and bay leaves before adding it to the rice. It makes a remarkable difference to the state and aroma. (Do not use high heat or else the curry and thyme will burn fast) use the lowest heat
  • Also remember to use less curry. Using a lot of curry can overpower the taste of the fried rice. 

  • Fry the veggies first before adding it to the rice
  • Always use foil papper when cooking. It helps keep in the heat and allow the rice to cook properly. 
  • Adding the  chopped green pepper last gives it that party flavour that last from start to finish.

  • Always serve from the same side of the pot. Do not keep stiring and dishing from various sides. (This will prevent it going off tye next day)
  • When stored in a cooler, do not cover it immediately after pouring it in or else it will go off.

Thats it from me today. I will update more on my page with various alternative ways to cooking fried rice. Watch out for my oven version.

Love Duchess O

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