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Mango Lassi Ice cream

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing good? Mango is in season. That means loads of recipes coming your way.

I have made Mango Lassi before, but as a drink. Mango Lassi is an Indian drink. Made with mangoes, yoghurt and spices. This time I am making it into ice cream. Yup. We need to keep expanding on recipes and reinventing them.

I have made this without eggs. I am not a fan of eggs in Ice cream. Although I know it’s cooked,  but not completely, so for homemade recipes I always avoid the eggs.

But however I have various alternatives that you can make use of and still get fantastic ice cream consistency.

This recipe is great if you have guests and you want to make something unique and not the regular dessert.

Ok let’s get started shall we 🙂



  • 2 large Mangoes 
  • 1/2 a cup of Single cream 
  • 1 cup double cream (if you cant find single cream or double cream, substitute with evapourated milk)
  • Cardamon pods 


  •  Blender 
  • Mixing bowl
    Hand or stand mixer 

 Prep time : 10 minutes 

Cooling/ Freezing time : 2 hours – overnight 


If using evaporated milk, place it the freezer to get it extremely cold, but not frozen. This will allow it to whip into a creamy consistency. 

Also place the mixing bowl in the freezer, yhe colder both items are the better results you will get. 

Method :
Wash the skin of the mangoes. 

Next, peel and slice the mangoes. 

Place the sliced and chopped mangoes into the blenderor food processor and blend until smooth.


Next add the creams to the mixing bowl. Usethe whisk  attachment and whisk until you get a creamy consistency. See picture


If using evaporated milk, bring it out of the freezer, pour the contents into the cold bowl whisk until it doubles up in size and is almost thick. 

Next add the crushed cardamon pods to which ever of the ingredients you use (Cream or evaporated milk that has been whisked)

Mix for 30 seconds 

Finally now fold in the pureed mango. Fold until wellcombined 

Pour into a sealable container and freeze for 1 hour- as long as you like. 

Just remember before serving allow it to be at room temperature (same way you allow any other ice cream to thaw before scooping and serving) 

Serve and enjoy. 

That looks amazing and trust me the taste is amazing. 

I have another recipe for mango coming up. You are gonna love it. Its been modified just for you all 😉 

I’ll see you all in my next post 

Love Duchess O

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