15 minute meals, Drinks


This post has been brewing for a while, and until I was sure of what the outcome will be, I decided not to post it at all. 

I am not the first blogger to have used ogi and I probably won’t be the last. So in order not to follow a trend, I decided to do something different. Most important thing is to stay true to my self.

I love ogi and I also love smoothies. I have smoothies most for breakfast every day. So I thought why not mix both together and see what it will taste like. I will tell you something tho, it tasted Devine. Who knew Ogi could be so versitile. 😋

Anyways let’s not talk to much, let me introduce you to my gismoothie. 


  • 2 cups of Ogi
  • 1 can of Single cream or evaporated milk ( if using evaporated milk, place it in the freezer prior to making the smoothie. But do not allow it to freeze)
  • 1 large Banana
  • Tablespoon of honey (optional)


  • Blender
  • Shake glass
  • Mixer

Prep time: 5 minutes

Blend time: 1minute

Mix time: 3 minutes


Boil hot water in a kettle 

Next, take the amount of uncooked ogi that is needed to make a solid drink. Allow it cool down before using it in the blender.

Next, add the two creams into the mixer and mix until thick

Next add the cooled ogi into the blender, add the cold sliced banana and the mixed creams. 

Blend for 1 minute until all is combined. 


Pour into a glass and serve

It’s ready! The taste is absolutely divine. The slight tartness of the ogi makes it well worth it. The creams and banana gives it an extra edge. Trust me you won’t even know you are drinking ogi in a milkshake form.

This drink will make you change your mind about ogi as a dessert or drink. I have two more recipes coming up. 

For now enjoy!



That’s it from me today, 

I will see you all in my next post. 

Love Duchess O

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