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Egusi with Okazi

Hi everyone. Hope your your day has been  great. When I made this soup I was really excited as I couldn’t wait to share it with you all. The simplicity of this soup is what makes it amazing. Sometimes you don’t need too many condiments to make a soup taste great. It’s the quality that makes the soup and sometimes you need less…

I was craving egusi soup and then I remembered I had Okazi leaves at home. I have always tried to make my egusi based soup different every time. I never use the same method, I like versatility. That’s what make it so amazing. By the time the soup was done I couldn’t wait to dig in. My goodness the aroma was just amazing. Please let’s explore together. 


  • Assorted meats
  • Smoked prawns
  • Dried hake fish (Panla)
  • Smoked fish
  • Smoked turkey
  • Dried pepper 
  • Ground dry egusi 
  • Palm oil
  • Knorr cube 
  • Cameroon pepper
  • Crayfish 
  • Onions
  • Salt 


  • 2 medium sized pots
  • Wooden spoon

Prep time: 


Boil the meats with onions, salt and 1 knorr cube

Once it’s almost soft, add the dried fish(s) smoked turkey and smoked prawns(these few ingredients take this soup to another level, trust me)

Allow it to cook for about 25 minutes. This will ensure that the stock base of this soup is mind blowing. (Once you can get the stock base of your soup to be amazing, making any soup in general will be a worthwhile experience

Once cooked, set aside

In another pot,heat up the palm oil. Then add the ground egusi and keep mixing. Follow this process for 5 minutes 

Next pour the stock to the pot. Mix well and allow it to cook on low heat. 

After 7 minutes it will look like this. Stir and continue cooking for 20 minutes 

After 20 minutes, this is what you will get. Remember I said to use less oil, this is why… egusi has its own oil, so whilst cooking it, it will secret its own oil

Next add the beef and fishes back to the pot, allow it to cook for 10 minutes

Next add the ground crayfish

Followed by the Cameroon pepper. (Do not skip this step as it’s very important. This kicks up the soup a notch! 

Finally add the cleaned Okazi leaves. ( the ones I got were already shredded. Mix it well into the soup and cook for 12 minutes 

After 12 minutes, the little oil would have floated to the top. Stir gently and continue to cook for another 8 minutes on low heat. 

After 8 minutes, remove from the heat and let it rest before serving. 
There you have it. Delicious Egusi Okazi for your family to enjoy 

That’s it from me today 

I’ll see you in my next post

Love Duchess O

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