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Meatballs in Suya Coconut Curry

Hi everyone, how are you all doing? Happy New month. The year is going by so quickly! Please make the most of it and make it count 馃槈 Today's recipe is what I'd like to call, simply divine. It combines creaminess with the right balance of spicyness. You all know anything that has coconut is… Continue reading Meatballs in Suya Coconut Curry


The trilogy of draw Soup: Obe Y贸y貌

Hi everyone. Today's post is sensational. This will particularly excite those who love draw soup. For the sake of my readers from other parts of the world, draw soup refers to soups that stretches in consistency.  I love ogbono, I love ewedu and I love Okro. So this post, is very exciting for me. Y贸y貌… Continue reading The trilogy of draw Soup: Obe Y贸y貌

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My Stewed Beans聽

Hi everyone, hope you are all good? So today I will be making stewed beans. This isn't the regular Nigerian beans that you may be used to, this is made with proper sauce that the beans will be cooked in finally:  I love this stewed beans because of the flavour that it packs. It's that… Continue reading My Stewed Beans聽

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Garri Baked Chicken(GBC)

Hi everyone. I hope you are all doing good? I have yet another recipe made with Garri. Lol, I told you I wasn't playing right. I remember when I used to eat KFC, I loved their fried chicken. But after a while it got very sickening to eat let alone touch. The oil in it… Continue reading Garri Baked Chicken(GBC)

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Egusi Peppersoup

 Urhobo Wadoo! Hello everyone. Welcome to a brand new month. It's time to reflect and plan to the days and weeks ahead. No time like the present. Today's recipe is another one from the people of Delta (Urhobos to be precise) it's also called owowoh soup, according to  my friend Stella. I remember when I… Continue reading Egusi Peppersoup

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Smoked flavoured Okra Soup with Utazi

Hi everyone, how are you all doing? I love Okro or Okra as known and called my different people from different parts of the world.  You see okra has this way of making you feel good after eating a plate. It's not just the draw fest, it's the crunch, texture and taste. The great thing… Continue reading Smoked flavoured Okra Soup with Utazi


Chocolate and Nuts brownie聽

Hi everyone, how are you all doing? Christmas is around the corner, so I wanted to make sure the blog is updated in due course to allow you all familiarise yourself a with a recipe and practice before the main day. I love chocolate and nuts. But I kinda prefer nuts on its own. Especially… Continue reading Chocolate and Nuts brownie聽

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Liberian Jollof Rice

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing good? I am really excited to blog about this recipe. Anything Jollof rice gets me excited. I mean it's Jollof rice! What more can you ask for. Hehehe.  I will be taking you all today to Liberia. It is located in the continent of Adrica, west African coast… Continue reading Liberian Jollof Rice

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Nigerian Fish pie

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing great? Been a while since I made pastry, I checked my archive and discovered that I don't have any post on fish pastry. The horror! lol, I quickly made my way to my lab and created the recipe. Nigerian Fish pie uses less filling compared to meat or… Continue reading Nigerian Fish pie