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Basmati Coconut Rice

Hi guys! Hope you are all doing great today! I have been waiting to make coconut basmati rice for a while, but something else came along, so I pushed it back abit. But I couldn't resist it any longer, so I put the other recipes aside and decided to finally make this one. I have… Continue reading Basmati Coconut Rice

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Almond Egusi

Hi guys. Hope you are all doing good? So this recipe has been recreated. I have prepared this before, but made it with spinach. And now this one I have made without. So there is a distinctive difference to both Almonds have been used for various things, milk, flour, chewed as a snack. Almonds has… Continue reading Almond Egusi

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Spicy Yamarita

Hi guys. Hope you are all having a great day? I promised to update you all on my spicy Yamarita recipe and here it is. I have already blogged about Yamarita, so I decided to take it to the next level by adding more ingredients and making it versatile.  I have always been a fan… Continue reading Spicy Yamarita

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Nigerian Spiced Chicken Sauce served with Spaghetti 

Hi guys. Happy Easter! Hope you are all doing great? So today's post wasn't  planned. I was thinking of what to make for lunch, as I had already planed on making frejon for dinner. Then I remembered I had some fresh chicken at home and some cream. It didnt take me long to decide what… Continue reading Nigerian Spiced Chicken Sauce served with Spaghetti 

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Aubergine and Garden Egg Sauce

Hi guys, how are you all doing today? So today i decided to make use of two similar but different due to the country its grown vegetables to make an amazing sauce that can be eaten with almost anything. Yup. Thats true. I have made a sauce with garden egg before, but I tool a… Continue reading Aubergine and Garden Egg Sauce

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Mango Lassi Ice cream

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing good? Mango is in season. That means loads of recipes coming your way. I have made Mango Lassi before, but as a drink. Mango Lassi is an Indian drink. Made with mangoes, yoghurt and spices. This time I am making it into ice cream. Yup. We need to… Continue reading Mango Lassi Ice cream

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Chef Fregz garden egg and tomato sauce with meatballs

hi guys. Hope you are all doing good? I saw this post yesterday on INSTAGRAM by @chef_fregz and I was like, awesome. I am going to try it. If you don't know who chef fregz is... ah Well. You are missing out. Please Google him.:) I made his saucebwith a few twist of my own.… Continue reading Chef Fregz garden egg and tomato sauce with meatballs

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Citrus and Herbs oven baked chicken

Hi guys, how are you all doing? This recipe is all kinds of awesome. I mean really really awesome. Its delicious, juicy, tender and so full of flavours. Seriously after reading this post, you need to try this ASAP. Your family and friends would love it. Chicken I have always loved. I love it spicy,… Continue reading Citrus and Herbs oven baked chicken

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Naija flavoured Meatballs sauce

Hi guys, how are you all doing today? Hope your day was great? I have blogged about meatballs twice on the blog, but then I decided to make another one with more Nigerian spices to give it a new stamp. I love meatballs. I can never get enough, so I always try as much as… Continue reading Naija flavoured Meatballs sauce

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Ogi served with Caramel sauce

Hi guys. How are you all doing today? Back with another Afro fusion recipe. I have been wanting to do do this recipe for a while, but I kept putting it off for one reason or the other. But today I said no, it must be done. Ogi is well known in a Nigeria home… Continue reading Ogi served with Caramel sauce