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Fire Cracker Chicken

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing good? So this recipe as the name suggests is really really a fire cracker recipe. It is hot (as in spicy) but so so delicious. The burst of flavours and spiciness is amazing. I am so glad that I finally get to add it to my list of… Continue reading Fire Cracker Chicken

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Orange Chicken

Hello everyone, how are you all doing? Christmas is just round the corner and I have been creating lots of dishes and developing recipes just for you all to enjoy. This recipe is one I should have blogged about last year. Yep you read right last year, but other recipes kept blocking it and I… Continue reading Orange Chicken

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Grilled Honey and Maple Soy Chicken

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing great. Chicken as we know is delicious to eat, and there are lots of ways to cook it. Fried, baked, grilled, boiled, roasted etc. The great thing about it is that you can add different types of flavours and spices and get a phenomenal taste. Chicken is delicious. … Continue reading Grilled Honey and Maple Soy Chicken

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CashewNut Chicken

The first time I saw this dish, was when a friend went to get some lunch. I walked into the room and I was like that smells nice. I asked her what it was and she said cashew nut chicken. So I could tell that was Chinese.  I later had the chance to try it… Continue reading CashewNut Chicken

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Chicken in blackbean sauce

Hi guys, how are you all doing today? This recipe was something I made last year and i realised I never blogged about it. so it was sitting in a category section and it didnt make the blog post. I have so many post, that I forget to blog about after making, not that it… Continue reading Chicken in blackbean sauce

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Chicken Teriyaki Noodles

Hi guys. How are you all doing? Its been a busy week, that's why I haven't been able to post my recipes. I have another recipe for my 15 minutes meals. Its super easy and no stress at all 🙂 I fell in love with the taste of teriyaki when I had my first taste… Continue reading Chicken Teriyaki Noodles

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Grilled sweet chilli chicken

Hello everyone.  I hope you are all doing good? I am here again this time with a quick recipe that can be served anytime. It doesn't have to always be on a special occasions. Sweet chilli is a delicious dip that goes with almost any type of meat (chicken, beef, fish etc) Today I am… Continue reading Grilled sweet chilli chicken


Chinese fried rice with Cajun glazed chicken

Hi guys. How are you all doing. Its been a minute. Been cooking meals upon meals. So let me not make you all wait any longer. Today's meal feature is chinese special fried rice with tennessee bbq chicken. Very easy to make and its so finger licking delicious 🙂 Lets get started.  INGREDIENTS :  Chicken Cajun bbq sauce 2… Continue reading Chinese fried rice with Cajun glazed chicken

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Chicken Teriyaki

Hi guys, how are you all doing? Today I will be preparing chicken teriyaki. I did quite a bit of research before cooing this meal. I love chicken teriyaki. It's such a delicious and aromatic dish. Once you try it, you get to appreciate its authentic taste. I tried my first teriyaki from wasabi, and… Continue reading Chicken Teriyaki


Sweet and Sour chicken…. Takeout from your kitchen part two!

Hi guys. Hope your weekend has been great? So promised to treat you guys to my special take out home made recipe. And here is number two! Sweet and sour is a dish that I love.  I have always wondered how they made it, but never bothered to find out, until one day. Ever since… Continue reading Sweet and Sour chicken…. Takeout from your kitchen part two!