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Fried Fish Stew

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing good? I was thinking of what to make for dinner, then I remembered I had fish in the freezer. I wanted to make fresh fish stew, but then I thought to myself, why not make something different. I am not partial to fried foods, left to me… Continue reading Fried Fish Stew

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Iwuk Abia

Hi guys, hope you are all doing good? I am back with another Efik recipe. I am really loving the fact that my palette is expanding. These Efik recipes are really getting me excited!  So whilst I was compiling recipes for the Efik category, I stumbled upon this recipe. I almost missed it because I… Continue reading Iwuk Abia

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Nigerian Fish pie

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing great? Been a while since I made pastry, I checked my archive and discovered that I don't have any post on fish pastry. The horror! lol, I quickly made my way to my lab and created the recipe. Nigerian Fish pie uses less filling compared to meat or… Continue reading Nigerian Fish pie

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Sweet and Sour Fish Sauce

Hi guys, how are you all doing. Its Easter! And that means for some of us who are strict observers of this festive period, only fish is allowed.  However, This recipe is for everyone except if you are vegetarian, which can be easily substituted with tofu. So feel free to make it any time. ☺️… Continue reading Sweet and Sour Fish Sauce

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Fish Cakes

Hi guys. How are you all doing today? I have been a bit quiet. I apologise, been busy with quite a lot of things, but I promise you all I won't be too busy to update recipes. My readers keeps me going. I appreciate you all 🙂  Todays recipe is inspired by a friend of Mine… Continue reading Fish Cakes

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Seafood Okro

Hi guys. How are you all doing? My Friend Kelly (CEO of KEANY HAIR) has been requesting for this recipe for a while, I had already done something similar, bit it was more of a mixture. It was a surf and turf like recipe. But kelly was very adamant. That it was seafood she wanted,… Continue reading Seafood Okro

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Tasty Fiesta (DuchessOKitchen’s Version)

Hello everyone. How are we you guys al doing today? It's getting really cold where I am, so quick and filling meals are gonna be one of my new friends this season. So tasty fiesta. I remember when i go out with my mum, one of the things I would ask her to bribe me… Continue reading Tasty Fiesta (DuchessOKitchen’s Version)

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Mackerel Sauce

Hi guys. How are you all doing today? I really want to take the time out to thank you all for reading and commenting in my blog. It means alot. You guys keep me energised to keep brining you recipes. So today's recipe is one of my favourite, especially in a Sunday. Afyer church I… Continue reading Mackerel Sauce