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Fish and Shrimp Curry

Hello everyone. How are you all doing today? I can't believe the weekend is over. Where did it go? Lol. Anyway a new week is about to begin, and what better way than to start with a new recipe and an easy one at that. Fish is one of my favourite proteins to eat. So… Continue reading Fish and Shrimp Curry

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Low Carb Stir Fry

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing great. So this recipe here is what I normally have when I want to eat low carb meals. Carbs are not bad for you, but sometimes we have to reduce the amount we consume because the thing about carbs is that it converts itself to sugar in the… Continue reading Low Carb Stir Fry

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My Stewed Beans 

Hi everyone, hope you are all good? So today I will be making stewed beans. This isn't the regular Nigerian beans that you may be used to, this is made with proper sauce that the beans will be cooked in finally:  I love this stewed beans because of the flavour that it packs. It's that… Continue reading My Stewed Beans 

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Smoked flavoured Okra Soup with Utazi

Hi everyone, how are you all doing? I love Okro or Okra as known and called my different people from different parts of the world.  You see okra has this way of making you feel good after eating a plate. It's not just the draw fest, it's the crunch, texture and taste. The great thing… Continue reading Smoked flavoured Okra Soup with Utazi

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Surf and Turf Coconut Curry

Hi everyone. I hope you all enjoyed the festive season? I know I did. Lots to cook, eat, places and people to see and lots to be grateful for I have been waiting to eat basmati rice, but I didn't want to eat with stew. I wanted a curry to go with it. I remember… Continue reading Surf and Turf Coconut Curry

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Igbagba Ofofo

Hello everyone, how are you all doing great. So today I will be blogging about an Ishekiri soup. I haven't blogged about any Itshekiri meal before, but from now one I will definitely be broadening my skills for all your reading pleasure.  The last blog update was an Igbo dish which used some of the… Continue reading Igbagba Ofofo