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Sweet and Sour Plantain (dodo)

Hi guys. Hope your weekend has been great? So I promised to treat you guys to my some special twist for Christmas menus.  Sweet and sour is a dish that I love.  I have always wondered how they made it, but never bothered to find out, until one day. Ever since then, I made up… Continue reading Sweet and Sour Plantain (dodo)

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Ata Din Din (Sauce)

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing good? Today's recipe is not a new one, just updated and also decided to give a proper step by step guide. It has been remixed various ways. I have had this before as spicy beef stew, but I wanted something a little bit different. Obe ata din… Continue reading Ata Din Din (Sauce)

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Spicy Yamarita

Hi guys. Hope you are all having a great day? I promised to update you all on my spicy Yamarita recipe and here it is. I have already blogged about Yamarita, so I decided to take it to the next level by adding more ingredients and making it versatile.  I have always been a fan… Continue reading Spicy Yamarita

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Plantain Episodes: Part 1

Hello everyone. How are you all doing? Its great to be back with another post. Todays recipe has been on the back burner for a while. Reason being that I wanted to ensure I was very pleased with the base of the dish first. As you all know I love plantain. As in loooove it.… Continue reading Plantain Episodes: Part 1

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Gizdodo (updated Recipe)

Hi guys, how are you all doing? so today's recipe isn't rwally new on the blog. But I however have updated the taste. I like to ensure my readers have varieties. Today's recipe is popular at parties and at home. Who ever thought of this is a genius I tell you! Just imagine getting a spoonful… Continue reading Gizdodo (updated Recipe)

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Plantain Episodes Part 2 (Plantain Porridge Deluxe)

Hi guys. How are you all doing? As promised I have another recipe for plantain. You all know that I love plantain right? Lol well if you don't you are forgiven. 😉 I love plantain in all forms. Fried, baked, grilled boiled, stewed etc. So for today, I have a recipe for the stewed one.… Continue reading Plantain Episodes Part 2 (Plantain Porridge Deluxe)