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Chicken Yassa

Hi guys, how are you all doing today? So this recipe isn't that new. I have already posted one before, but that was done differently to this one. So i thought i'd try another version. I love the simplicity of this meal. It's very easy to make and it's so delicious. Its a recipe you… Continue reading Chicken Yassa

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Chicken Yassa

Hi guys. How are you all doing today? Todays recipe has always been inspiring for me. When I was little I used to watch this programme not so sure what it's called now "cooking with shemite" what the programme is all anout is showcasing dishes from all over Africa. On this one episode she invited… Continue reading Chicken Yassa

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Hi guys, I hope you are all enjoying the new year. I am so blessed to see another year. This year will be full of exciting recipes and lots more. So get ready! :)👏 Today I will be blogging on another drinks recipe. Bissap is a deink from Zimbabwe. It looks like zobbo, but its… Continue reading Bissap